Decompression chamber and dive control system

System Specifications.:
  • Diving and chamber system has been surveyed and approved by the Maritime Authority in Denmark and comes with a certificate
  • Complies with relevant requirements from IMCA and PED 97/23/EC
  • Treatment chamber DNV approved (diameter 1800 mm)
  • Power Supply 3 x 400 Volt, 50Hz.
Application area.:
  • The Diving Supply container system is designed for safe diving with air /  Nitrox and  surface decompression, with oxygen at depths up to 50 MSW in Danish and international waters, both by in-shore and offshore installation diving operations
  • Treatment Chamber container System is designed for operational standby for diving operations, both in-shore and offshore, by diving on air and / or Nitrox and / or surface decompression on oxygen until 50 meters of water.
  • Chamber system can perform all authorized treatments.
Advantages of the diving life support system.:
  • Quick and easy transportation to and from job
  • Safe handling of diving system
  • Rapid mobilization of vessel
  • Compiled and limited requirements for deck space
  • Reliable system with very limited downtime
The system is composed of 2 single 20 foot High Cube containers :
  • Diving Supply Container, with a weight of 10.000 kg.
  • Treatment chamber container with a weight of 7.000 kg.

System description.

The Diving supply unit consist of two compartments:
Dive control room with.:
Dive control panel for 2 divers.
Handy operated  dive control and monitoring.
Individual in-line gas analysis for oxygen % to each diver.
Camera system with video overlay of relevant dive parameters.
2 x 150m umbilical with R-west and Kirby Morgan helmets.
Monitoring of external facilities around the container with 4 camera positions.
UPS backup power failure on all electronic equipment in control rooms.

Supply rooms with high-pressure compressors for air and nitrox.
Power Plate with phase inverter for 400V 50Hz main/backup power supply.
240 V 50 Hz 10 KVA transformer for light and electronic instruments.
Nitrox membrane for unlimited Nitrox production up to 40 %.
Air Bank for diving system and treatment chamber.

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